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The Most Intense Orgasm for Women

This was a question I answered elsewhere, so I thought I would share my answer here, too.  Some of it will be redundant for those of you who have read through this blog from the start, but it still may be fun to see it summed up in one place!  :)

What is the most intense orgasm a woman can have?

I've discussed this question at length with many women and their spouses/long-term partners.  All are very experienced with tantric sex, and all of the women have at least occasionally experienced real monster orgasms.

The first observation, and this was unanimous, is that "most intense" does not equal "best."  This is partly because you can trip a circuit breaker and pass out when things get to the max intensity level and then you miss a good chunk of the fun.  Around a dozen of the women I talked to have blacked out at least once during an orgasm.  Several reported feeling woozy or nauseous afterward and none of them thought passing out was fun.  It made all of them a bit cautious about pushing for a repeat.

Multi-chakra and full-body orgasms are intense in a different way from normal orgasms.  They typically happen when the recipient has been using controlled attention to spread the arousal area during a prolonged yoni massage.  They are more pleasurable over a wider area, but they're more diffuse and take somewhat longer to develop fully once they start.  Once they develop, however, the intensity can be almost unbearable.

Overall, I think these are probably the most intense single orgasms a woman can have.  The women who reported blacking out usually say it happened during a full-body orgasm.  I often feel really disoriented for several minutes afterward, like I have to rebuild my awareness of who and where I am and where my limbs are, what position they're in.  If I had to guess, I'd say that a major full-body orgasm wipes out big chunks of your proprioceptive system/memory, and a large part of your kinesthetic awareness just shuts down for a little bit as a result.

Really long continuous orgasms can also be wonderful, but they are never super-strong AND long.  I've sometimes had an extended orgasm that was triggered by a fairly intense initial orgasm, but I don't think anyone can sustain that initial intensity for long.  I've also had really delicious continuous orgasms that started almost gently and swelled gradually, like being carried on a great soft wave of pure pleasure.  (Over the years I've come to prefer this, and have almost stopped doing the visualization exercises that lead to full-body orgasms.)

And then there are the really exotic beasts in the zoo.... 

People who do tantra describe two kinds of out-of-body experiences.  One is quite common, a very realistic body-sharing illusion in which you seem to occupy both your own body and your partner's body at the same time, and you experience every sensation from both sides at once.

This usually happens in one of three different situations.  The first is that the person giving a yoni or lingam massage is so intensely involved in their partner's orgasm that they have the experience of being both the giver and receiver at the same time.  It's so intense and real that the giver often has a sympathetic orgasm as a result!

The second is the reverse.  The recipient has the experience of being the giver as well as the receiver, of really inhabiting and controlling the hands, body, lips, etc., that are driving them to the brink and over it.  This only happens when the partners know each other's needs and "moves" extremely well.  When it does happen, it can feel so real that it's downright spooky.  ("Honest to god, it feels like I'm licking my own clit with his tongue!")

The third usually occurs during vaginal sex at the very end of a long (usually 3 to 4 hour) tantra session.  The sense of being in both bodies at once can be incredibly intense and realistic.  Feeling your partner build to orgasm causes a feedback loop, escalating your own arousal, and vice versa, so orgasms in this situation are almost always simultaneous, and you really do feel like you are experiencing both orgasms from both sides at once.

Simultaneous orgasms in this condition are intensely shared, and feel way more than twice as good as a normal orgasm, just on a physical level.  But there's also an emotional depth and richness to this experience that doesn't translate well to a one-dimensional intensity scale. Given a choice between a deeply shared orgasm and a much stronger solo orgasm, every single person I asked said he or she would take the shared orgasm without any hesitation.

The body sharing illusion is quite common in tantra, but the experience at the other end of the spectrum is not:  it's a complete transcendental oneness-with-the-cosmos experience, involving a total loss of boundaries.  Read any account of a good LSD trip or an ecstatic out-of-body religious experience and you'll know what I mean.

I haven't been there myself, but by all accounts it's not even on the same scale as a normal orgasm.  It's something entirely different, so describing it in terms of intensity is meaningless.  In fact, one thing I've never been able to pin down is whether or not what we think of as an orgasm actually happens as part of that process at all.  It may be that the transcendental experience happens instead of the orgasm and would look quite different from an orgasm if you watched it happen in an MRI.

To sum up:  Based on my experience and the interviews I've done, the most intense orgasm a woman can have (without drugs, asphyxiation, or the like) is probably a full-body orgasm during a long and exceptionally good yoni massage.  The most enjoyable individual orgasm is probably a really good extended orgasm, also most common during yoni massage.  But the favorite kind of orgasm for women who have experienced all three is the simultaneous body-sharing orgasm.

Experiencing "Cosmic Oneness"

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