Thursday, October 3, 2013

Keeping Count

I asked the women how many orgasms they thought they usually had during a normal Tantra session. The answers ranged from “three or four” to “two or three dozen, if you count every orgasm in a continuous orgasm separately.” Half said seven or more and the average was a little more than twelve.

The average for the men is around 3.5, but that’s misleading because it combines numbers from men who are normally multi-orgasmic, who average 5 or more, with those who aren’t, and who average 2, so the combined average of 3.5 sits right between the peaks of a double-humped curve.

If you’re curious – and I admit I was – the self-reported record for the men was “14 or 15 in around three hours.” The self-reported record for the women was “50 to 60,” also in about three hours, including a 20-minute continuous orgasm that she guesses was about 44 orgasms back-to-back.

The all-time record for a man in the medical literature is 16 orgasms in one hour.  The all-time record for a woman is 134 orgasms in one hour.  Both were recorded by Hartman and Fithian in their laboratory, with equipment that made it possible to record and accurately identify and count each separate orgasm.

One Man’s Account

Without a lab full of equipment, counting “dry” orgasms, including “pre-shocks” and “aftershocks,” gets complicated without the clear marker of an ejaculation, and many men who have them seem uncertain whether to count a string of spasms that come only seconds apart as one orgasm or several.  Here’s how “Alan” classifies them:

My reference point is my “normal” solo orgasm. I feel the orgasm build and actually begin. About 2 or 3 seconds later, there’s a preliminary contraction, followed by a very strong contraction, and I can feel the first pulse of semen being expelled. This is followed by at least 5 or 6 more contractions, each a little bit less forceful.  Each of these ejaculation contractions is coupled with an orgasmic peak, although it can be hard to feel the difference because they happen pretty much together. Then there’s a pause and I start to get soft, and I’m done. Even though there are 6 to 10 contractions, or sometimes more, I count that as one orgasm.

Now, if Alice and I are having vaginal sex, there’s a possibility that about ten or fifteen seconds after that last pulse I’ll feel another orgasm coming and I’ll start to have contractions again. Usually I’m responding to her orgasm, her contractions, and the sounds she’s making, and I’ll have anywhere from three to seven or more contractions.  It often feels like I’m straining to get that last speck of semen out of the urethra, and if I pay attention, I can feel the prostate and urethra spasm, but there’s no actual feeling of ejaculation. It’s a pure “aftershock,” and again I count it as just one orgasm.

If Alice is having a string of really strong orgasms, I can have one or two more of these aftershock orgasms, but the limit is that I’m getting pretty soft, which reduces the amount of stimulation I get from her contractions. Still, if she just keeps going, I can sometimes have a fourth and maybe even a fifth aftershock, even with a pretty soft and droopy guy.

Using a cock ring really increases the chances of aftershocks, because it slows down the process of going soft. Position matters too. I’m more likely to have more aftershocks if we’re in a position where her legs are squeezed close together, clamping her yoni more tightly around me. But most of it is pure sympathetic reaction. The more I’m plugged into her experience, feeling her orgasms, the more likely I am to keep coming.

I don’t have to do anything special to experience an aftershock except to be open to it and to be really plugged into what’s going on with Ali.

A pre-shock feels different from an aftershock because my cock is much harder and because I’m deliberately delaying the ejaculation. So it’s more intense one way, but less intense the other. But it also feels somehow broader, at least for me. I’ve got the Kegel muscles crunched really hard, so there’s no muscle contraction and no sense of pushing something down the urethra, but there are still waves of sensation, like a quivering, electrical feeling. You can feel it moving from the butt to the tip of the cock. They’re quite fast, but the feeling is all along the bottom and in the cock, not deep inside in the area around the prostate.

This might last for 10 seconds or so and then it can be 20-30 seconds before the next one, or sometimes several minutes, and I might have two or three of these before the main event, or more if I’m really trying to hold off and stretch things out to match Ali. Again, I count each of these as one orgasm, as long as there is a definite pause between it and the next one. It’s easy to tell them apart because I have to let the Kegel muscles relax during that interval or I can’t stop the next one from blowing my load.

Anyway, the most I’ve ever had at one time was when Ali had a continuous orgasm going that just wouldn’t quit, and I was doing my damnedest not to stop her fun. I managed to hold off through five pre-shocks, but they just kept getting stronger, so I let go on the sixth. And she was still rocking along so hard that I had at least three good aftershocks after that, so that was nine, or maybe ten. Pretty awesome, actually!

That came after a really good set of massages for both of us. During mine, I Kegeled a couple of non-ejaculatory orgasms about 5 minutes apart, and then had a multi-chakra gutbuster, plus a couple of aftershocks as Ali kept me going. Afterward, we realized that it was some kind of personal high-water mark for me, so we actually took the time to figure out how many it was. Of course, compared to Ali, 14 or 15 is nothing. When she gets going, she’s unstoppable, and I don’t think there’s any way to keep count.

The other men reported somewhat less spectacular experiences than Alan’s, but even those who aren’t multi-orgasmic still insist that the intensity of a multi-chakra orgasm makes normal sex before they learned Tantra seem pale and weak. And of course the pre-Tantra/post-Tantra comparison was even greater for the women than for the men.

To understand better why this greater range of orgasmic experiences occurs during Tantric sex, we will need to explore the whole question of arousal, and how to control and extend it and delay the final orgasm.

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