Friday, April 11, 2014

A Free Tantra Ebook

Wow, you guys are shy!  I can see from the stats that this blog is getting a lot of visits - about 5,000 hits per month after screening out the obvious spambots - but it has gotten only four public comments in seven months and 40-50 emails!

I have answered most of those emails individually, but some of those answers might be useful to others, so I'm going to start reshaping my answers into things I can post.  Unless I get sidetracked by other things, expect to see a Q&A format coming up for the next few posts at least.  And please send me your questions!

Converting the Blog to a Book

Several readers have written urging me to turn this blog into a book.  There's more than enough material already, but I also have more interviews that I could add, plus some additional info and suggestions that I omitted originally to avoid making the blog posts too long.

If I decide to do this, should it be just an ebook?, or should I do a "pbook" too?

Creating an ebook would be fairly easy, so I'm inclined to do that.  An old-style printed book gets to be a lot more effort and involves a considerable amount of cash up front, but some of the people who have asked me to put this in print form want something they can take to bed with them, not something to read on a screen - which you can already do with this blog in any case.

The critical thing I need to know is how many of you would pay roughly $9-$12 for a large format paperback with decent quality printing and construction that contains everything on this blog and more about Tantric sex.  To find out, I want to offer you a bribe:  if you will write to me at and tell me whether you are interested, I will put you on the list for a free copy of the ebook, whether or not you want the print version!

Sound like a deal?

Ebook Formats

Which formats do you prefer?  Two people specifically asked for a Kindle version.  (Are Kindles more cuddly than iPads?)  Formatting just for the Kindle would be easier, but there are service bureaus that will produce versions of a manuscript in all standard formats so that people can download a book from Amazon, iBookstore, B&N, and other sites.  If you folks are all basically Kindle readers, I'll take the easy path, but if you want a variety of formats, I can do that.  When you write to be put on the list for a free copy, let me know which format you prefer.

Just send me a note something like this:

Yes, I want a free copy of the ebook version of Extraordinary Passion!

My preferred ebook format is:

While you're writing to me, I'd appreciate it if you would give me some idea of your age, gender, background, and romantic situation, whether you currently practice Tantra with a partner, how much experience you've had with it, and what more you'd like to see covered in this blog.  If you have ideas or experiences to share, I'd love to hear about them too!  (This is purely optional of course.)

Please note:  I will not share your email address or any other information you send me with anyone else without your specific permission.

If you describe your experience with Tantra or have suggestions for the blog, please indicate whether I can quote you and tell me what name or pseudonym you want me to use if I do.

Update, May 2015

This blog is now receiving about 25,000 visits a month and I've received lots of responses to this post, so I wanted to bring new readers up to date.

The vast majority of the people who cared enough to send me an email want an ebook, not a printed one, so that's what we're going to do.  I went back to work at my primary job after a year's leave of absence, so I've had much less time to work on both the blog and the book this year.  As a result, progress has been slow, much slower than I expected.  However, I'm hoping to get the ebook conversion done by this fall.

Here's the important thing:  if you send me an email before the ebook comes out, I will still make sure that you get a free copy.  So please let me know if you want to be on the list!



  1. Is this still a thing?

    1. Yes, the ebook is on for late summer or fall if I can get enough time free to finish editing it.

      Send me a note if you want a freebie!

  2. I would like the download please :-)